At home in Australia

When not touring around the country playing, Cameron loves taking his family back to his favorite restaurant in Sydney, Chinta Ria. He also enjoys watching the Collingwood Football Club’s games.

It’s easy to see why Percy loves Chinta Ria so much—there’s virtually no place like it in the world. The restaurant boasts a unique fusion of Malaysian, Indian, and Chinese cuisine. The blends of flavor tie in beautifully with the eclectic decorations inside. The cool décor and delicious food are enough to turn anyone into a fan of this great restaurant. When he has people he wants to entertain, Percy’s first choice is always Chinta Ria. If you ever find yourself in Sydney, give it a try. You might spot Cameron!

Cameron is a huge fan of the Collingwood Football Club, Australia’s biggest and most famous sporting club. The team has won 15 VFL/AFL premierships, and they have contested more Grand Finals than any other club. Percy likes to take that competitive spirit and drive with him when he’s on the golf course, as well. During his downtime, Percy cheers on the Magpies every chance he gets.